Exploring the Back Streets

You can’t visit Koroni without wandering amongst the back streets and climbing some of the many steps that lead to various parts of the town. Houses appear everywhere, built into hillsides, clinging to roads and pavements, teetering on the edge of the hills that Koroni is built on. Houses range from tiny humble abodes to more grandiose, all mingled together in an attractive sprawl.

Walls and trees are white-washed, pavements and steps lined with white, pots and tubs of every kind filled to overflowing with brilliant flowers. Everywhere is colourful, wear your sunglasses!

Cats snooze on the stairs, dogs bask under cars, washing flutters from balconies. Fine smells of today’s lunch float on the air.

Old fashioned shops line the streets into Koroni, the top street seeming to be the ironmongery type shops. One had samples of it’s wares pinned to a display, they must have been there years as paint brushes with no bristles, rusty old hacksaws, ancient tools, rat traps and other such delights adorned the board. How we smiled!!!