Koroni Waterfront – The Life

This was where we would sit, sipping a beer, most mornings. It was a very traditional place, pleasing to the eye with it’s blue furniture and gingham tablecloths. It was a great meeting place for business men and the older men who would enjoy an ouzo or glass of wine whilst putting the world to rights. One old boy often appeared carrying a carrier bag with clocks in and a pocket full of watches. We weren’t sure whether he just needed to be reassured of the time or whether he was trying to sell them!! No-one seemed to take much notice of him. Another morning a young lad appeared with a bag full of olives, hoping for a sale. We don’t know whether he’d just picked them from someone’s garden or bought them to sell. Whatever, he went away with the bag still full!! I guess everyone grows olives!!

The proprietor usually had a fishing line dangling in the water, never saw anything caught, although there were plenty of fish in the harbour.