Triada Beach

Now this is a beaut!! Travel down the signposted road until you come to a very rough parking area. From here there are steps(new since our last visit when most of the path had disappeared under a landslide) leading down and onto a decent track. Only a few hundred metres down to the glorious stretch of sand and cliffs.

At the end of the steps is a left branch, which just takes you to a small watercourse. There is also a marvellously comfortable seat made from stone to sit and rest awhile in the shade.

The beach is backed by lush vegetation, growing from unstable looking cliffs and offers some shade. It’s possible to access another stretch of sand beyond a spit of rocks.

Well worth the trek down (such a short distance).

Be careful leaving the parking area, there are huge ruts on the exit on which you could easily take the bottom of your car out.